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Quality Standard:ISO9001:2015
Manufacturer: HT-FENCE Owned Factory
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ClearVu reinforced panel has been engineered as a super security barrier to protection inner site. This panel high density, high tensile mesh includes apertures 9.5×76.2mm That is so narrow for finger and footholds. We designed to welded 15*5.0mm flat bar per 150mm on panel. In that case panel can preventing climbing or cutting with standard tools,like reciprocating saw,angle grinder, acetylene torch effectively . This super automatic machine to welded flat bar and welded so narrow apertures on panel.That is only one in our city.

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 ClearVu reinforced panel features

● Popular we making 2200—-3358mm  width,

●The mesh size the smallest is  9.5×76.2mm,There is only one machine in our city . We can satisfy the special requirements of global customer.

● Anti-reciprocating saw,Anti-angle grinder,Anti-acetylene torch

● Wire diameter:from3.0 ——to 4.5mm

● Post specialized design for support razor wire and barbed wire.

● Hot dipped galvanized wire welded and then powder sprayed coating.

Post system

Post is 80×80/100x100mm square tube or C type post .

Taper post 85x85x45mm also available.The top will be welded V type support .And High quality steel plate cold roll will be formed to C type post by specialized machine.

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Installation manner

The post popular buried under the ground 600–1000mm and pouring concrete when installation them. Panel connected with post by spider clamps


Surface treatment

Fence can be electro galvanized or hot dipped galvanized and after several clear procedure. We use famous international Powder ( AkzoNobel) sprayed. In that case can got strongly resist the corrosive and ultraviolet radiation .  Double coating layer high quality anti corrupt . The longevity will be 10 years long.

Colour range

Polyester powder coated:RAL 6005,RAL9005,RAL9010,RAL5010,RAL7037,


PVC coated :RAL6005,RAL9005,RAL9010.

Other colour is available as client request.

Range of application

It is often used in Airport ,Industry , Military , Power station ,Prison and so on High security protection filed.

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